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To help you find the plants or types of plants that you are looking for, we have compiled this guide which groups genera by their characteristics of interest. We have included each genus' common name in case you're not quite sure what the scientific name is, as our catalog is in alphabetical order by genus. Happy hunting!!

Grasses Woody Perennials Aroids Ferns Groundcovers
Bulbs Woody Lilies Aquatics Vines Others

Ornamental Grasses and Grass Look-A-Likes:

Oriental Fountain Grass The ornamental grasses have become popular and important landscape additions over the past decade, and rightly so. As a textural element, they offer relief from big heavy globs of foundation shrubs, and their interest spans the seasons. We also include here plants that have grassy foliage, similar in texture and use in the garden, without technically being grasses. Most of the grasses thrive in full direct sun, but the grass alikes such as carex and acorus will thrive in shade. Use these plants to contrast heavier textured plants; each will enhance the other.

Butterfly Bush

Woody Perennials:

We are in denial about some of these plants. Some of them are woodier than others. Some misguided individuals refer to them as shrubs.

Voodoo Lily


Shocking tropicality! A wealth of collector's plants here, Aroids have become some of the most popular plants in the garden. Extremes in size, shape and texture range from the impressive elephant ears (Alocasia) to the diminutive Mouse Plant (Arisarum). Also here, are the bizarre voodoo lilies whose anatomically incorrect flowers appear out of nowhere a month before their leaves in the spring.

Pewter Lace Fern

Ferns and Allies:

Ferns and their related non-flowering plants (allies) offer subtle charm to shaded gardens. Perfect companions to Hostas, most of the following thrive in the same conditions.



Groundcovers offer wonderful alternatives to lawn, especially in the shade of large trees, where most turf fears to tread. Great underplanting to small shrubs or other perennials, try growing other plants through these groundcovers. Two plants can inhabit the same place at the same time.

Firecracker Vine


You know... these are the plants you don't have to go get, they will come to you.

Bulbs, Corms, and Tubers:

Calla Lily The world of bulbs reaches far beyond the golden trumpets of daffodils so familiar in spring. Many gardeners are becoming increasingly aware of the wide variety of summer and fall flowering tuberous rooted plants. Bulbs bring joy with their surprise, often seemingly leaping out of nowhere to offer their bloom.


Pitcher Plant If you have a soggy area, don't drain it, landscape it! These plants will make you fall in love with mud.

Woody Lilies:

Rohdea This group includes lily-like plants that have evergreen parts. They are very effective and quite happy in perennial borders and as placeholders in a foundation planting.

Coral Bells

Other Common Name Perennials:

There are a few that just don't fit into any single category...

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