Ghosts of Catalogs Past

We have had more and more requests for us to post past catalog covers and some of the humorous bits from those catalogs. These are now all on-line, cataloged by title from most recent to oldest. Click on the cover theme at left to bring up more information.

Spring 2010:
Spring 2010
Fall 2009: Desperate Gardeners
Fall 2009
Desperate Gardeners
Spring 2009: Plant Magazine
Spring 2009
Plant Magazine
Fall 2008: Plants Gone Wild
Fall 2008
Plants Gone Wild

About the Cover

Once again, we are privileged to have one of America's top commercial cartoonist and three-time Award Winner by the National Cartoonist Society, Jack Pittman, to pen our catalog cover. Jack's client list is a veritable who's who of American corporations. If you are in need of fun commercial art, contact Jack at or at 919.785.1966.

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