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Arum hygrophilum (Streambank Arum) slide #61086
Sauls Rd

Arum hygrophilum (Streambank Arum)

Part SunZone: 8-10, at least 24" tall Origin: Syria, Lebanon, Israel

Open House/Web-Only! This native to Israel, Cyprus, and the Syrian-Lebanon border emerges from its summer dormancy in fall with narrow, upright, 2' tall, light green, winter-growing leaves. Despite rumors that it needs frost-free conditions to survive, our plants are adorned, starting in March, with lovely pale green spathes, edged in purple and highlighted by a poorly-endowed, dark purple spadix (male organ). In mild winters, it often tries to flower in late January, but cold knocks back the early flowers. In the wild, Arum hygrophilum can be found by moist streambanks and in wet seeps where it grows taller...for us, evenly moist garden soil has been perfect. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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