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Arum dioscoridis var. cyprium (Cyprian Arum) slide #30339
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Arum dioscoridis var. cyprium (Cyprian Arum)

Arum dioscoridis var. cyprium (Cyprian Arum)
Part SunZone: 6-8, at least 12" tall Origin: Cyprus

Open House/Web-Only! This form of the wide-ranging Arum dioscoridis hails from the small, but tall island of Cyprus, just south of everyone's favorite Thanksgiving meal. Arum dioscoridis var. cyprium emerges in fall forming a clump of large, dark green spade-shaped leaves. In late April as the leaves prepare to go dormant, the clumps are topped with amazing spathe and spadix inflorescences on short stalks. The spathes (the sail-like part of the floral structure) are creamy yellow, highlighted by dark purple staining at the base, changing to large dark purple spots toward the center. The floral smell is a bit unpleasant for a few hours, but then so is a colonoscopy...still worthwhile! Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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