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Asparagus africanus (African Asparagus Fern) slide #61173
Sauls Rd

Asparagus africanus (African Asparagus Fern)

SunZone: 7b-9, at least 48" tall Origin: S. Africa

We have grown this splendid South African native asparagus fern in the garden since 2000, and would have shared it by now if it wasn't for the paucity of seed production. The thin upright stalks emerge as a 1' wide clump, producing very stiff dark green "fronds" that fill a 4' tall x 4' wide space. The stems are so durable that the plant acts like a punching bag that bounces back to an upright position if the plant is punched, kicked, or hit with an errant small vehicle (all of which are illegal in some states with asparagus hate crime statutes). A. africanus makes a superb textural contrast against bold foliage plants. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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