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Asparagus cochinchinensis coll. #A1K-125 (Chinese Tuber Asparagus) slide #61174
Sauls Rd

Asparagus cochinchinensis coll. #A1K-125 (Chinese Tuber Asparagus)

SunZone: 5-9, at least 84" tall Origin: China, Korea

Our form of Asparagus cochinchinensis comes from Korea's Chuwang Mountain where it grows on very dry rocky cliffs. The 7' long twining deciduous stalks are clothed with soft, fleshy, dark green foliage and adorned with tiny white flowers in mid-May (NC). We have found this to be a wonderful textural element in the garden, best when planted where, like an inebriated partygoer, it can lean on a sturdy friend. The tubers of A. cochinchinensis have been used in Chinese medicine for lung and kidney cleansing, and to treat chest pain, cough, bloody phlegm and dry stools...I'm not making this up. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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