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Paeonia 'Pastel Splendor' (Pastel Splendor Intersectional Peony) slide #60214
Sauls Rd

Paeonia 'Pastel Splendor' (Pastel Splendor Intersectional Peony)

SunZone: 4-8, at least 36" tall Origin: Hybrid

This 1996 Roger Anderson intersectional (herbaceous x tree peony) hybrid produces large 10" wide flowers that emerge pastel yellow, highlighted by prominent maroon blotches in the center. As the yellow flowers age, they become suffused with light pink from the petal tips and progress toward the center. Paeonia 'Pastel Splendor' makes a stunning 3' tall deer-resistant specimen with very sturdy stems, occasional reflowering, and great heat-tolerance thanks to its tree peony genes. Pot size: 2 Gal

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