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Canna 'Stuttgart' (Stuttgart Canna Lily) slide #60933
Sauls Rd

Canna 'Stuttgart' (Stuttgart Canna Lily)

Light ShadeZone: 7b-10 84" tall Origin: Hybrid

Open House/Web-Only! Here's another vigorously growing variegated canna everyone is talking about. This German introduction was discovered and named by the late Bob Hayes of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The bold, green-and-white blocked patterns on the foliage make this a stunning centerpiece in any landscape. The white portions of the foliage tend to burn in sun, so we recommend light shade and plenty of moisture. In late summer, the plants are topped with inconspicuous, small peachy flowers...WOW!!! We have been told adding extra magnesium (Epsom salts) to the soil will help prevent the foliage burning...we will see. Pot size: 3 qt. (2.83 L)

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