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Sarracenia alata (Pale Pitcher Plant) slide #29784
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Sarracenia alata (Pale Pitcher Plant)

Sarracenia alata (Pale Pitcher Plant)
Sun to Part SunZone: 5-9 24" tall Origin: USA

Open House/Web-Only! The pale pitcher plant is found in moist bogs from Alabama west to Texas. This Southeast native forms 2' tall yellow pitchers starting in early spring, similar to Sarracenia flava, but with a slightly more rounded hood (rounded hoods have been banned in some states, so check your local regulations). The plants are adorned with bizarrely beautiful, creamy-yellow flowers on 18" pencil-sized stalks in early spring. Moist soil, but not sloppy wet conditions, work best. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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