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Hedera helix 'Prince Avenue' (Prince Avenue Adult Ivy) slide #19841
Sauls Rd

Hedera helix 'Prince Avenue' (Prince Avenue Adult Ivy)

Sun to Part SunZone: 5-9, guessing 60" tall Origin: Europe

Open House/Web-Only! Visitors at our Fall Open House have been asking about this for years, so here it is. This amazing selection of adult ivy from Timbercrest Farms makes a large evergreen woody perennial (shrub) to 5' tall x 7' wide in 5 years. The glossy, dark green leaves make for an attention-getting garden specimen. In mid-September, the clump is in full flower with alien-like flower heads that attract every cool insect within miles. Hedera helix should not be planted in the Pacific Northwest, where it grows far too well and can become a problem seeding into natural areas. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)


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