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Polygonatum macropodum (Big Footed Solomon's Seal) slide #26510
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Polygonatum macropodum (Big Footed Solomon's Seal)

Light Shade to ShadeZone: 5-8, at least 36" tall Origin: China

Open House/Web-Only! (syn: Polygonatum umbellatum) This superb Solomon's seal for the woodland garden is found from 1200' to 4500' in elevation in the forested provinces surrounding Beijing to the north. For us, Polygonatum macropodum makes a very attractive, symmetrical clump (5' wide in 6 years) of 3' long, arching stems of medium-green leaves. In spring, the tight clusters of stems emerge from winter-dormant, knobby rhizomes and are adorned in May with a long rows of small, white, clustered bells, attached just below the stem. In late summer and fall, the old flowers are replaced by the developing blue fruit. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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