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Asparagus virgatus (Broom Fern) slide #29971
Sauls Rd

Asparagus virgatus (Broom Fern)

Asparagus virgatus (Broom Fern)
Sun to Part SunZone: 7b-10, possibly colder 36" tall Origin: S. Africa

Open House/Web-Only! This South African broom fern really swept me off my feet with its garden performance. Asparagus virgatus is a wonderful winter-hardy garden addition where an airy texture in sun is needed. The 3' tall upright spikes open into a soft, thread-like, green "broom." Each 2' wide drought-tolerant clump can be used for a textural contrast in the garden, for a long-lasting filler in floral arrangements, or to treat syphilis and intestinal worms. You gotta love those multi-use plants. In September, the foliage is adorned with a multitude (catalog lingo for more than one) of small red berries. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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