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Polygonatum kingianum Orange Flower Form (Orange Flower Solomon's Seal) slide #16990
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Polygonatum kingianum Orange Flower Form (Orange Flower Solomon's Seal)

Light ShadeZone: 6-9, guessing 60" tall Origin: China

In my wildest dreams (and I do have some pretty wild dreams), I never thought I'd see anything like the rare orange-flowered form of Polygonatum kingianum. Forget everything you know about Solomon's seal, except that it grows from a rhizome in shade. In spring, the stalk emerges, clothed with whorled sets of narrow, dark green foliage. Each leaf ends in a curled loop that it uses to climb above its neighbors...the original social climber. At each whorl of foliage are small, bright-orange, bell-like flowers that make for a tongue-dropping show. This easy-to-grow clumper gets larger and taller as the size of the rhizome increases with age. For us, P. kingianum stands erect unless it sets a good crop of large green berries. This is an absolute gem for the woodland garden...get them while they last. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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