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Vernonia lettermannii (Late Night With Ironweed) slide #60918
Sauls Rd

Vernonia lettermannii (Late Night With Ironweed)

SunZone: 4-9 24" tall Origin: USA

This fascinating ironweed hails from Arkansas and Oklahoma where it can be found in rocky soils and on rock outcrops. Imagine taking an Amsonia hubrichtii, shrinking it to 2' tall x 2' wide, shearing it into a round ball, then topping it with hundreds of purple flowers in August and early September and you have Vernonia lettermannii. We grow this in our hot, dry scree garden, where it has caused visitors to lust in their hearts. We give in...here it is. This rare native was named for the late botanist George Letterman, who, as best we can determine, never had his own television show. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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