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Trithrinax campestris (Argentine Silver Palm) slide #18542
In Situ Catamarca Province,Tucuman to La Rioja, Argentina

Trithrinax campestris (Argentine Silver Palm)

SunZone: 8-10, at least 144" tall Origin: Argentina

Open House/Web-Only! I'll never forget the day I first saw these palms growing in open savannas in northern Argentina in 2002...certainly the most beautiful palms I'd ever seen. The slow-growing trunks eventually reach 12' tall, clothed in very stiff leaves that range from grey to the most beautiful silver-grey you can imagine. We are pleased to offer 2-year-old seedlings for those looking to experiment. I expect them to show very good cold tolerance, but the key to winter survival in colder zones is to keep the plants dry since they are natives of dry desert regions. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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