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Sinningia leucotricha (Brazilian Edelweiss) slide #62143

Sinningia leucotricha (Brazilian Edelweiss)

Part Sun to Light ShadeZone: 7b-10 10" tall Origin: Brazil

NEW! Sinningia leucotricha, which hails from the state of Parana in southern Brazil, has the most stunning foliage in the genus. The new 10" long oval leaves emerge covered in silver hairs, although as the leaves expand the effect of the silver is diminished. In July, the clumps are topped just above the leaves with clusters of narrow, bright orange, tubular flowers. We have grown this in the ground since 2004, during which time it has endured 9 degrees F with no protection. Sinningia leucotricha grows from a large underground caudex that enlarges each year and consequently, the plant becomes more impressive each season. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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