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Selaginella stauntoniana (Staunton's Spikemoss) slide #24994
Sauls Rd.

Selaginella stauntoniana (Staunton's Spikemoss)

Part Sun to Light ShadeZone: 7b-8, at least 8" tall Origin: China

This Don Jacobs's introduction is another spikemoss that thrives in southeastern gardens. Throughout the summer, this small semi-deciduous patch produces 8" tall upright green fronds about every inch from a short-spreading rhizome. Since it occurs in the wild on dry rocky cliffs, we have found it adapts well to dry woodland gardens. Our 4-year-old patch is 1' wide. Thanks to Pam Harper for sharing this with us and to fern guru Dr. John Mickel for confirming that we have the true S. stauntoniana. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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