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Selaginella sanguinolenta var. compressa (Twiggy Spikemoss) slide #62141

Selaginella sanguinolenta var. compressa (Twiggy Spikemoss)

Part Sun to Light ShadeZone: 6-8, at least 2" tall Origin: Japan

Oh, so cute and oh, so painfully slow! This has long been our favorite dry rock garden selaginella, but it has taken nearly a decade to build up enough stock to offer. Our parent plant is 12 years old and only 2" tall x 10" wide. In foliage, twiggy spikemoss resembles a clump of moss that was plugged into a high voltage electrical outlet. Come to think of it, it also looks a lot like my worn-out grill scrubbing brush. Although it's tough as nails, either in sun or shade, plant it in a special spot where you won't lose it...alpine troughs are a good idea. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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