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Rudbeckia maxima (Black-Eyed Susan) slide #13627
Sauls Rd.

Rudbeckia maxima (Black-Eyed Susan)

SunZone: 5-9 80" tall Origin: USA

Open House/Web-Only! This overlooked drought-tolerant native can be found from Arkansas to Texas, growing in seasonally moist roadside ditches alongside old tires, beer cans, and cigarette butts. Research into whether the abundance of motor oil in these sites is actually essential for plant growth has been inconclusive. This unique black-eyed Susan has a deciduous basal rosette of waxy blue foliage resembling a collard (that's sort of like a cabbage to you northern folks). In late spring through early summer, the flower stalks rise to over 7'. At the top of each stalk are 2-3" wide, brown-centered, yellow daisies...WOW! After flowering, we leave the seed stalks as a delicacy for goldfinches. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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