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Rohdea japonica 'Talbot Manor' (Talbot Manor Sacred Lily) slide #60397
Sauls Rd

Rohdea japonica 'Talbot Manor' (Talbot Manor Sacred Lily)

Light Shade to ShadeZone: 6-10 10" tall Origin: Japan

Open House/Web-Only! This selection of evergreen sacred lily is one we brought back from a visit to the UK in the early '90s. The dark green leaves appear to have been heavily brushed in a horizontal direction with white paint. Actually, it looks like the last home paint job I got when I took the lowest bid. At least in rohdeas, bad paint jobs make the plant worth more. How many do you want? If you have a shady spot near your house, plant them nearby and tell your spouse you painted the house to match...on purpose. Pot size: 2 qt. (1.892 L)

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