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Rohdea japonica 'Nobori Ryu' (Climbing Dragon Sacred Lily) slide #60333
Sauls Rd

Rohdea japonica 'Nobori Ryu' (Climbing Dragon Sacred Lily)

Light Shade to ShadeZone: 6-10 10" tall Origin: Japan

Open House/Web-Only! This amazing and very rare selection of the Japanese sacred lily has the most contortedly (take note...a new plant word) kinky leaves of any selection we grow. The Japanese cultivar name 'Nobori Ryu' means "climbing dragon"...a reference to the dramatically raised ridge running down the center of each thick green leaf. In winter, these deep shade-lovers are highlighted for the season with short stalks of brilliant red berries. Pot size: 2 qt. (1.892 L)

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