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Hibiscus 'Red Flyer' (Red Flyer Mallow) slide #17613
Sauls Rd.

Hibiscus 'Red Flyer' (Red Flyer Mallow)

Hibiscus 'Red Flyer' (Red Flyer Mallow)
SunZone: 6-9, at least 144" tall Origin: USA Hybrid

Open House/Web-Only! This is our own hybrid of two US natives, Hibiscus coccineus x Hibiscus grandiflorus. The result is a monster plant, towering to 12' in height. The marijuana-like foliage comes from Hibiscus coccineus and its resistance to insects from Hibiscus grandiflorus. The hybrid vigor came from really good sex. For us, Hibiscus 'Red Flyer' starts flowering in mid-July and continues until frost. Plenty of nutrition and moisture will produce the best results. Hibiscus 'Red Flyer' is sterile, so don't expect any offspring nearby. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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