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Delosperma 'Beaufort West' (Beaufort West Ice Plant) slide #16669
Sauls Rd

Delosperma 'Beaufort West' (Beaufort West Ice Plant)

SunZone: 6-7, at least 1" tall Origin: S. Africa

Open House/Web-Only! For the well-drained rock garden, Delosperma 'Beaufort West' is a real cutie. The slow-spreading, tiny, 1" tall cushion resembles a collection of small, green, rubbery marbles. In April in NC, the plants are topped with tiny, light pink flowers that continue until temperatures settle above 90 degrees F for the summer. Delosperma 'Beaufort West' doesn't appreciate summer rains and high humidity, but in our gravel scree, it does manage to come back year after year. At the Denver Botanic Garden, it continues to flower all summer. Delosperma 'Beaufort West' is an unidentified species that was collected from high alpine elevations near the town of Beaufort West in the Nieuwveld Mountains (South African Karroo). Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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