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Mukdenia rossii 'Karasuba' (Crimson Fans Mukdenia) slide #62126

Mukdenia rossii 'Karasuba' (Crimson Fans Mukdenia)

Part Sun to Light ShadeZone: 4-7, at least 12" tall Origin: China, Korea

NEW! (aka: Aceriphyllum rossii) With a name like Mukdenia, it's gotta' be good...and it is. I first ran across mukdenia in 1997 while botanizing Korea's Mt. Sorak. There it was on a sheer rock cliff...resembling dozens of hands trying to claw their way up from the crypt...sorry, far too many horror movies as a child. In the garden, mukdenia prefers moist, rich soil, where it forms a 2' wide deciduous clump of green foliage, topped in April and May (NC) with 2' stalks of tiny white flowers...similar to its cousin, the foam flower. As the weather cools in fall, the leaves transform to bright red starting at the tips...a truly stunning sight!,,,,,,,,,,,, Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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