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Verbesina microptera (Mexican Winged Crown-Beard) slide #62151

Verbesina microptera (Mexican Winged Crown-Beard)

SunZone: 7-9 120" tall Origin: Mexico

Do you need something bold in your garden and can't afford a bronze of Dennis Rodman? Try a Mexican verbesina. This steroidal version of our small-stature US native was collected by Yucca Do in Mexico (coll #T72-75). After years of trials, we have been thrilled with its performance. Each 10' tall giant is composed of amazing, thick, green, heavily-winged stems that are clothed with 15" long, mitten-like leaves...reason enough to grow this gem. In late October, these massive clumps are topped with 1' wide clusters of small, bright yellow daisies that are deliciously fragrant. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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