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Sauromatum venosum (Voodoo Lily) slide #8510

Sauromatum venosum (Voodoo Lily)

Sauromatum venosum (Voodoo Lily)
Part Sun to ShadeZone: 6-10, at least 30" tall Origin: India

(aka: S. guttatum, Arum cornutum, Typhonium venosum) This tropical-looking aroid is a relative of arisaemas. In the spring, the peculiar inflorescence (flower head) is the first sign of life...it's just life from another planet. Each flower stalk is 3' tall and only 1" wide. As it unfurls, the inside is patterned with a rich violet and yellow...the ultimate in weird! A month later, a giant hand-shaped leaf, to 2' across, emerges from the bulb on a very mottled, green and black stem. After flowering, a unique seed head (resembling a 2" round alien space object) forms at the base of the leaf. Eventually, the bulbs multiply and make a nice colony...of weird plants. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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