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Saruma henryi (Upright Wild Ginger) slide #9192
Sauls Rd.

Saruma henryi (Upright Wild Ginger)

Light Shade to ShadeZone: 4-8, at least 24" tall Origin: China

Open House/Web-Only! This is one of the most garden-worthy introductions to come out of China in years. This rare Aristolochia family member (cousin to asarum...notice saruma is a recombination of the same letters) makes a 2' tall x 3' wide clump of upright stalks clothed with 5" wide, fuzzy, light-green, heart-shaped leaves. From early spring through late summer, the clump is topped with 3/4" buttery yellow flowers...a splendid addition to a well-drained site in the woodland garden and a great way to fool the neighborhood gardening know-it-all! You will see a few self-sown seedlings after the second year. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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