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Sarracenia 'Ladybug' (Ladybug Pitcher Plant) slide #23822
Sauls Rd.

Sarracenia 'Ladybug' (Ladybug Pitcher Plant)

SunZone: 5-9 8" tall Origin: USA Hybrid

Open House/Web-Only! "Too cute" is the only way to describe Sarracenia 'Ladybug'. This Sarracenia psittacina x Sarracenia purpurea x Sarracenia minor hybrid makes a great, small 1' wide clump composed of dozens of fat, little 8-10" tall, apple-red pitchers, each highlighted with nice white spotting on the back of each "neck." This is the latest Little Bugs pitcher plant hybrid from the Dynamic Duo of sarracenias, Larry Mellichamp and the late Rob Gardner. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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