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Pennisetum 'Princess Molly' PPAF (Princess Molly Dwarf Fountain Grass) slide #62129

Pennisetum 'Princess Molly' PPAF (Princess Molly Dwarf Fountain Grass)

SunZone: 8b-10, at least 20" tall Origin: Hybrid

NEW! (aka: P. Tiff23) This new pennisetum hybrid, from the breeding work of Dr. Wayne Hannah at the University of Georgia, is a result of a cross between Pennisetum purpureum and P. glaucum. The result is a dwarf plant to only 20" tall, with unique tricolor foliage. The wide, olive green leaves are bordered with purple, and further highlighted with a dark black-purple stripe down the leaf center. Pennisetum 'Molly' is quite unique (love those adjectives) and makes a great accent plant for both the summer garden as well as annual containers. Pennisetum 'Princess Molly' is named after another granddaughter of Wayne's. Pot size: 2 qt. (1.892 L)

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