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Pennisetum 'Oceanside' (Giant Fountain Grass) slide #61449
Sauls Rd

Pennisetum 'Oceanside' (Giant Fountain Grass)

SunZone: 8-10 120" tall Origin: unknown

Open House/Web-Only! (aka: Pennisetum japonicum) Move over Jack, and forget the beans. I can see a new story emerging...John and the grass stalk. Originally found by Richard Neufeld as a small population in Oceanside, California, this amazing introduction by grass guru John Greenlee is truly a pennisetum on steroids. From a deciduous rootstock, this giant grass reaches 10' tall by the end of the season. The bamboo-looking canes are adorned with large, corn-like, green foliage. In late October and until a hard freeze, the massive deer-resistant clumps are topped with non-seeding, cattail-like flower heads. Pennisetum 'Oceanside' is amazing where it is hardy, or further north, dazzling as a tender perennial. Plant this in a container and stand back! Taxonomists have so far been unable to ID this as to species. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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