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Marshallia obovata var. obovata (Spoonshaped Barbara's Buttons) slide #61375
NC Botanical Gdn, NC / NC Botanical Garden

Marshallia obovata var. obovata (Spoonshaped Barbara's Buttons)

Sun to Part SunZone: 6b-9, at least 24" tall Origin: USA

NEW! This southeast US endemic aster relative ranges from south central Virginia, south to Florida, where it can be found in moist, well-drained roadsides and fields. The long narrow green leaves, which don't look like any spoon I've ever seen, form a flat evergreen rosette. Starting in early May and continuing into early June, the clumps are topped with 2' tall branched spikes of 1" fluffy white buttons...very cute. Marshallia obovata was selected as the 2009 NC Wildflower of the Year...congratulations! Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)


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