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Lycoris radiata 'Fireworks' (Double-flower Dwarf Surprise Lily) slide #61332
Japan / T. Izumi

Lycoris radiata 'Fireworks' (Double-flower Dwarf Surprise Lily)

Sun to Light ShadeZone: 6-10 15" tall Origin: China

NEW! (aka: L. radiata 'Plenum') Oh my! You've got to hand it to those Japanese nurserymen who have an amazing penchant for discovering the most unique horticultural treasures. Lycoris radiata 'Fireworks' is a double flowered selection of surprise lily, whose flowers seemingly appear overnight atop the 15" tall stalks in September. To me, the flower heads resemble a young Phyllis Diller...does anyone remember Phyllis? After flowering, the dark green deer-resistant basal leaves emerge, which remain evergreen until late spring when they go dormant. These are in very limited supply, so don't delay if these float your proverbial boat. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)


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