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Lychnis coronata 'Orange Sherbet' (Orange Robin) slide #26561
Sauls Rd

Lychnis coronata 'Orange Sherbet' (Orange Robin)

Part Sun to Light ShadeZone: 5-9, guessing 12" tall Origin: Hybrid

This amazing Chinese native from several provinces including Sichuan, has been cultivated in Japan and England for nearly 300 years. This particular clone is quite sterile, indicating either the need for a mate or the fact that it already had too many. L. coronata makes a tidy 1' tall x 1' wide mound of light green foliage, topped, starting in late May, with 1"+ light orange flowers that continue through most of the summer. This is a truly superb deer-resistant specimen for a part-sun spot in the garden...very tolerant of a variety of soil types, but propagation will drive you nearly insane...we're proof! Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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