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Ficus gasparriniana var. laceratifolia (Christmas Fig) slide #62113

Ficus gasparriniana var. laceratifolia (Christmas Fig)

SunZone: 7b-10 72" tall Origin: China

NEW! For those that like their plants a little on the quirky side, you've got to try this fascinating hardy fig...at least in Zone 7b. Ficus gasparriniana v. laceratifolia hails from 1500' to 6000' elevation from India south to Thailand. Our plants are from a Linda Guy collection in Sichuan, China. The small upright shrub reaches 6' tall in 4 years, adorned with dark green, oak-shaped scabrous (sandpapery) leaves which are evergreen in tropical climates. The small snow pea-sized axillary fruit begins to form in June and turns red in July, continuing to be produced until Christmas. I can see a cottage industry, growing these in containers to decorate for the holidays. Is the fruit edible? Plantsman Pat McCracken says yes, but only if you are on a serious diet. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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