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Ferula communis ssp. glauca (Giant Black-leaf Fennel) slide #61190
Sauls Rd

Ferula communis ssp. glauca (Giant Black-leaf Fennel)

SunZone: 7-9, possibly colder 108" tall Origin: Mediterranean Europe

Open House/Web-Only! This Mediterranean native makes a big, bodacious statement in the garden, first with its silvery-black, lacy, see-through foliage, then in the second season, the foliage extends upward to 6' tall, topped by a 3' branched firework-like inflorescence of yellow flower balls. The plant dies after going to seed, so either administer a horticultural late-term abortion or you're going to have to tend to the babies without their momma. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)


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