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Dryopteris pseudo-filix-mas (Mexican Male Fern) slide #62070

Dryopteris pseudo-filix-mas (Mexican Male Fern)

Part Sun to ShadeZone: 5-8 30" tall Origin: Mexico

Open House/Web-Only! According to fern guru, Dr. John Mickel, this is truly a great new easy-to-grow garden fern. Similar to D. wallichiana but larger, D. pseudo-filix-mas hails from the high, moist, mountain forests in Mexico and Guatemala where it is quite rare. Unlike most other male ferns, the Mexican male fern continues to produce new fronds all season instead of just a single spring flush. Finally, as fall approaches, it retires for the winter, but the semi-evergreen fronds already produced will remain until spring. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)


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