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Arachniodes miqueliana (Miquel's Arachniodes) slide #61172
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Arachniodes miqueliana (Miquel's Arachniodes)

Light ShadeZone: 5-8a, at least 18" tall Origin: China, Japan, Korea

Arachniodes miqueliana is an easy-to-grow favorite of fern guru Dr. John Mickel, who generously shared spores from his home garden. A. miqueliana is similar in form to the beloved A. standishii, with 2' long arching lacy fronds that are extraordinarily wide at the base. The slowly creeping (not weedy) rhizomes form a superb patch. Just as with its relative A. standishii, A. miqueliana is very late to drop its foliage for the winter. Pot size: 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml)

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